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Chocolate Syrup Brands
Chocolate is an American staple and so is chocolate syrup. If you are going to make chocolate milk or your favorite sundae, then you will likely need some of this gooey chocolate perfection. In fact its cheaper to make your own chocolate milk then to buy the ready made version in most cases.

Bosco Chocolate Syrup Brand
Bosco has been making chocolate syrup since 1928. Bosco has an interesting line of syrups, one is called Berry Blue Syrup which is berry flavored and will turn your milk blue in color. Fun for kids with a great taste too. Bosco syrup flavors include Chocolate, Sugar Free Chocolate, Strawberry, Dulce de Caramel-O and of course Berry Blue.

Fox's U-bet Syrup Brand
H. Fox & Company is a family brand of chocolate syrup that is still run today by the 5th generation of their family. Fox's u-bet syrup was at one time known only to New Yorkers and most notably residents of Brooklyn. Today you can enjoy their famous chocolate syrup too. If you want to make an original Brooklyn Egg-Cream then you will need U-bet chocolate syrup, learn how here.

Nesquik Cocolate Syrup Brand
Nesquik is another popular brand of chocolate syrup that is made by Nestle. Nesquik is available in both a syrup and powder form. Nesquik comes in both strawberry and chocolate flavors and features a cute bunny rabbit on their bottles. There are some fun things for kids to do on their website, like games.

Hershey's Chocolate Syrup Brand
I think everyone grew up using Hershey's chocolate syrup at one time or another. The undisputed king of chocolate syrup, Hershey's is an American icon and a world leader in chocolate syrup. You can get it in a can or a squeeze bottle which is more convenient. Hershey's syrup also comes in Strawberry, Caramel and Lite. Hershey calls it "Pure chocolate pleasure in a bottle.". Who are we to disagree?

York Chocolate Syrup
I have to admit that this is one of the more novel ideas when it comes to chocolate syrup. York Sundae Syrup combines 2 tastes, delicious dark chocolate and cool peppermint. If you like the York peppermint patties then you should try this brand of chocolate syrup. York is owned by the Hershey Company.