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Cough Syrup Brands
If you have a cough or a cold, you will likely want to treat it with cough syrup. Cough syrup's are the publics #1 way for treating a cough. Look for these top brands of cough syrup, next time you "feel under the weather".

Boericke & Tafel Cough Syrup Brand
If you are looking for an all natural cough syrup brand then you will probably like Boerick & Tafel. Boerick & Tafel is also made in the USA which is nice. Their products contain no artificial colors or flavors and are natural homeopathic. Customer reviews of this cough syrup brand are quite good overall.

Boiron Chestal Cough Syrup Brand
Chestal is an all natural cough syrup that contains a honey base to relieve your cough symptoms. Chestal is made by Boiron a world leader in homeopathic medicines. This product works particularly well on a dry cough. Chestal is one of the safest cough syrups on the market and is safe to use for children age 2 and up.

Bisolvon Cough Syrup
Is a popular brand of cough syrup in Australia.They make cough syrups for both adults and children, they specialize in cough syrup for a chesty cough. Their brand is also sold throughout Europe and South America.

Delsym Cough Syrup Brand
Delsym is designed to work for a full 12 hours to help suppress your cough. Delsym was recommended by our pharmacist when my son had a cough and cold. The product comes in grape and orange flavor for kids. My son didn't mind the taste that much and the product worked well on his cough. Delsym comes in these varieties for cough relief: Adult , Children , Night Time and Lozenges. Slogan:  Silence is Relief.

Maty's Cough Syrup Brand
Maty's that the best way to promote healing is with all natural ingredients. They use a special type of honey in their cough syrup called "buckwheat honey". Made in the USA, Maty's is drug-free and helps boost your immune system. Slogan: Get better. Do better.

Mucinex Cough Syrup Brand
The name of this one always turns me off a bit, yet this stuff really does work good. It is supposed to break up the congestion and push out the mucous when you have a cold. The flavor is not all that great, but we recently used it when we were all sick in the house and it made me feel better, faster. The commercials feature these disgusting little mucous cartoon characters, which keep getting chased out by the Mucinex. Mucinex Cough Syrup comes in these varieties: Big Blue bottle Fast-Max line, 1. Cold, Flu & Sore Throat. 2. Cold & Sinus. 3. Severe Congestion & Cough. 4. DM Max. They also offer a long list of cough syrup's for kids.

Nature's Way Cough Syrup Brand
Nature's Way makes a line of homeopathic cough syrups that are quite effective. Their Umcka cough syrup is a liquid formula for cough, hoarseness, sore throat, sneezing and runny nose. The product is made from a English Ivy leaf extract and claims to not only relieve your symptoms, but actually help you recover faster. Also available in Umcka Elderberry. Product is sold at Walgreens and online retailers.

Robitussin Cough Syrup Brand
We have used Robitussin on and off in our own family for years. Cough syrup that tastes ok and seems to work pretty well for a cough. Seems to have gotten a bit more expensive over the years, but what has not? The new commercials with the monkey are really funny and he is on the website too, to help you find the Robitussin medicine right for you. Robitussin cough syrup comes in these varieties: Congestion DM, Chest Congestion DM, Sugar Free Congestion DM, Multi-Symptom Cold, Max Strength Multi-Symptom Cold, Nighttime Multi-Symptom Cold, Children's Cough & Cold Long-Acting, Children's Cough & Cold CF and Children's Long-Acting.

Similasan Cough Syrup Brand
The cough syrup brand, that is specifically designed for children. Works particularly well on dry/tickling cough, fever, hoarse throat and nasal congestion. Kids Cough & Fever Relief soothes the cough reflex in the throat and lungs, it's also gluten and dairy free.

Theraflu Cough Syrup Brand

Vicks NyQuil Cough Syrup Brand
NyQuil is a popular brand of cough syrup that is used by millions of people world-wide. NyQuil is make by Vicks and can be found almost anywhere that cough syrup is sold. The product is popular because not only does it work for your cough, it helps you to fall asleep. They also sell a cough syrup called DayQuil that is supposed to work for your cough, yet this one does not make you drowsy. I also like the fact that the bottle comes with a small cup for dosing. NyQuil is available in these popular varieties: NyQuil Cold & Flu , NyQuil Cough , Alcohol Free Nyquil Cold & Flu.

Umcka Cough Syrup
( see Nature's Way Brand above )

Zarbee's Cough Syrup
Dr. Zak is a pediatrician and founder of Zarbees. He wanted to create a better brand of cough syrup for his patients and his 4 boys. Zarbees is a great tasting all-natural cough syrup, it's also healthy for children and adults. Zarbee's products are natural, drug-free, clinically proven, alcohol free, side effect free, gluten free and contain no artificial flavors or dies.